Joe Scarborough: GOP Is Sick And Gutless! It Still Endorses Donald Trump!!!

Joe Scarborough faced a total meltdown on the TV Show “Morning Joe” on Friday!

In the show, he blasted the Republican Party because it still supported Trump.
His last temper tantrum represents an answer to the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s words. Kevin McCarthy said that Rep. Liz Cheney is engaging in a call-out culture for voting to impeach Trump for the riot on January 6.

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After his calling out, Senator Lindsey Graham and the former ambassador Nikki Haley wanted to continue meeting with Trump. Joe Scarborough’s statement resulted from those actions, and he said asked how sick and gutless this is, that GOP still supports Donald Trump!

“I don’t really understand when it was Kevin McCarthy who was on the phone screaming at Donald Trump when he feared for his life. It was Kevin McCarthy begging the terrorists that Donald Trump calls down the terrorists and stop the terrorists from attacking,”

But Donald Trump refused that! And he said:
“I guess those attackers… I guess they’re more upset about the election than you are, Kevin.”

After this sentence, McCarthy attacks Trump, and Lindsey Graham gets scared for his and his family’s lives. Graham then goes to Mar-a-Lago to picture Trump.

He didn’t forget Nikki Haley. Joe said that she could tell the truth in a blink of an eye and then beg Donald for a meeting that he refuses to have!

“It’s extraordinary that these people want to meet with a man … Donald Trump, in case you haven’t been watching lately, the guy on the left led an insurrection against the United States Capitol where his own vice president was being shouted at with chants of ‘Hang Mike Pence!’”– Joe Scarborough declared.

He also said that Trump knew that the family Pence lives were in danger, and he didn’t do anything except tweeting!

According to Scarborough’s source from the White House, at that time, Trump gleefully looked at how the terrorists abused police officers with American flags.

Scarborough asked how sick and gutless a politician should be to support a president like Trump.

Joe said that Donald Trump is the only president who calls for an insurrection against the U.S. to stop “a peaceful transition of power.”


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