What Did Morgan Freeman Say And We Agree With Him? [VIDEO]

Morgan Freeman was sane, and I don’t know what happened. TDS s a hell of a drug?

I saw one video online, and I thought that t was worth sharing. You can see Morgan Freeman’s interview on 60 Minutes in 2009.

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I cannot recognize this man. Freeman is an entirely different person than he was a decade ago.
It is surprising how fast TDS, fake news, and politics can wash your brain and soul.

The video from 60 Minutes with Chris Wallace’s dad Mike and Morgan Freeman centers around Black History Month.

Mike Wallace imposed a question to Morgan what’s his opinion about Black History Month. The response will surprise you.

Focus on the point when Morgan says, ‘’Black History Month is ridiculous’’! This is the part where we will all AGREE with Morgan Freeman.

Watch the video below.

And now you can watch a video on YouTube.

In 2009, Freeman wasn’t into all the race-baiting and hate. At that time, he was about America and being American.

Now you probably ask what changed him so much.

Well, Obama and his divisive reigning happened! Then, Trump cane and caused TDS which finished the once-normal people off.


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