WATCH: This Is Ricky Gervais’s New Target Has a Hilarious New Target

When a live-act comedian gets his hands on making jokes about politics and politicians – you know good laughs are coming!

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And talking about that, have you ever heard how Ricky Gervais handles Liberals and their cancel culture? And no – he’s not showing any signs of being a Republican on the other side as well…

Comedians were, and always will be a huge weapon against the lies of the mass destructors and rulers. Thus, all writers and artists too, that’s why they were a huge target in the midst of the two World Wars and so much of their work has been burned and banned…

Luckily, in the modern era, everything that gets on the net – tends to stay there, since, never really gets erased!

And it can get to the ears and eyes of people in an instant!

In the end – what brings people together better than a good sincere laugh? And that’s exactly what the Democrats are so afraid of!


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