WATCH: Liz Cheney’s Reaction To Biden’s SOTU

A picture worth 82 million words…

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Citizens’ words, guaranteed by their basic civil right of vote…

That’s why Liz Cheney was going like a “dog unleashed” against President Trump and all his annotations on the 2020 November elections, on many, many occasions.

So that now, President Joe, the one that she was covering up for, goes and speaks out loud at his first addressing to the Congress?!

She must be in the center of attention, but of course!

According to an article published by Wayne Dupree,

“Liz, who just today came out and declared that Trump must not run in 2024, and who also repeatedly keeps telling all of us that the 2020 election was the fairest in the land, was front and center at Joe’s “Hunger Games” State of The Union.”

Feel the “power” in Biden’s poor, breathless speech…

But, in the end, their “silent pact” to get rid of President Trump was publically greeted with a fist bump…


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