Trump Will Run 2024, Names Ron DeSantis As Possible Running Mate

Just hours after Joe Biden’s joint address to Congress, Donald Trump responded with a retort.

On the same day that Biden spoke to the nation and Congress, the apartment of former Trump attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was raided.

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The 45th President of the United States spoke with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business to respond to the speech and discuss other topics.

But it was when Bartiromo asked him if he would run for president again in 2024 that the interview got the most attention.

He said, “Yes, 100 percent, and polls show that everyone wants me to do it.” He also said that he would consider running alongside Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“Ron will undoubtedly be considered. He’s a fantastic individual.”

But he also ripped into Biden’s speech on Wednesday night, pointing out that the southern border crisis was not mentioned.

He said that Biden “did not address the border” and that “thousands of people are flooding into our countries.”

Trump said that the wall would have been finished if he hadn’t been sued repeatedly by Democrats in Congress.

“It has the potential to kill our nation if it continues, and the longer it continues, the more difficult it will be to stop,” he said of the mass migration, which he claims involves criminals from Central America.

He expected that as the weather warms, things will get even worse.

The Obama-esque class warfare aspect of Biden’s speech about Wall Street not building America and the rich paying their “fair share,” which, coincidentally, no one ever gives a percentage for, prompted Trump’s response.

“It will be the biggest tax increase in our country’s history, and when you say it won’t affect the middle class, remember that the middle class has 401Ks, and the capital gains tax will have a huge impact on the middle class,” he said.

He also stated that it would have a significant impact on businesses leaving the United States, resulting in the loss of employment in the country.

“Many of these businesses and all of these workers will be driven out of the United States as a result of this.”

“I got the largest tax cut in our country’s history approved,” Trump said. “When you talk about capital gains, you’re talking about everybody, not just the rich.”

“They’re going to evict all of these businesses,” he predicted. “Hundreds of billions of dollars poured back in (after he implemented his tax cuts).”

Biden proposed trillions of dollars in spending over months, according to Bartiromo, but the GDP is forecast to reach 9, making the spending unnecessary.

Trump said, “(The spending) would have a catastrophic effect down the road.” “All of this stimulus they’re pouring into the nation accounts for a significant portion of GDP… It’s a ruse… those aren’t true numbers.”

Trump then went off on the 2020 presidential race, claiming that he had won and that “not Biden” had lost.

“Right now, the Arizona Senate is conducting a forensic audit,” he said. “I have no idea what it will expose, but I believe it will reveal massive corruption, as it has in many other states.”

He also addressed claims that US Secretary of State John Kerry told Iran that Israel had attacked Iran’s interests in Syria.

“If there was ever a breach of The Logan Act that they tried to pin on Gen Flynn, who was completely innocent…,” he explained.

He accused Kerry of intervening with his administration’s efforts to reach an agreement with Iran, claiming that he believes Kerry hampered their efforts.

Trump was questioned by Bartiromo about the attack on Giuliani’s residence, which enraged the 45th president.

The raid was “so unjust” and “such a double standard,” he said. Trump said, “Rudy is a patriot who loves this country.”

“Did Hunter make a backup? Is Biden a candidate? Since they collaborated with a number of other countries,” he said.

According to Bartiromo, the Biden administration would use the “power of law to crush democratic opposition,” as Fox News host Tucker Carlson predicted.

Trump also predicted that Biden’s administration would “send our nation away to China.” He also said that people are not returning to work as a result of the stimulus money, which he claims is crippling small businesses.


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