Kamala Has a New Nickname And It’s Perfect

The change is taking place. It’s palpable in the breeze.

Joe has had less attention. You don’t see him out as much as you used to. There aren’t many photos of the old buffoon… However, we’ve been told he’ll be offering some kind of “STOU.” Isn’t that going to be interesting?

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After that tragic fall UP the stairs of Air Force One, followed by the awful press conference, the tide has certainly turned.

Joe has taken a backseat since then. He also told a group of people recently that Kamala was “smarter” than him… Which isn’t saying anything considering Joe is theoretically “smarter” than a bowl of Parmesan Cheese.

Remember how the White House changed the way they addressed Biden’s team? It’s now known as the “Biden/Harris administration.”

Can you imagine Obama referring to his administration as the “Obama/Biden administration?” Or is that the Trump/Pence administration? Please don’t do it.

We’re both aware of what’s going on.

And do you recall this photograph? “Look!” yells this. “I’m the president!” and appears to be fully staged. Also, take a look at the tweet’s caption. “Brighter days are on the horizon…” Hmmmm.

Even to the most casual observer, the writing seems to be on the wall.

And it was pretty much sealed when I saw this tweet from DC OANN reporter Jack Posobiec.

Staffers at the White House have a new nickname for Kamala, according to Jack…

She’s being called the “Heiress.”

Yes, she will inherit a fictitious kingdom.

“Scooplet: White House staffers have begun to refer to the Vice President as Heiress while texting,” Jack said.

Here’s what people are saying:

“I believe it. And it scares me almost more than Paw-Paw Biden, the puppet made of balsa wood, fronting for same.”

“That’s heiressment.”

“This is a perfect balance of WTF and Of Course”


“Oh my, what are the odds that they came up with that name themselves or is she just forcing them to call her that?”

“The swamp works in mysterious way.”

“Her Highness. Heiress To The Mess”



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