Jill Biden and “The Border” Surrounded With Odd Mystery Surroundings

All about the frontier is “weird.” We have a so-called “vice president” who is supposed to be in charge of the border but has never visited it, and a “president” who caused a catastrophe but has also never visited the border.

But things get even stranger.

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What the hell is going on with Jill Biden and her ostensibly official “border role”?

Can you recall when it was all announced?

Jill Biden was supposed to be the “runner” of a White House task force aimed at reuniting immigrant families, according to reports.

She also went on a virtual talk with young Latinos, saying she would be focusing on “unifying families.”

This was revealed two months ago, with all the obnoxious fanfare you’d expect from our government-controlled propaganda media.

However, if you look on YouTube now, you won’t find anything about it. I did come across a random “Vlogger” who was talking about it.

Might it be that Jill Biden is attempting to distance herself from her husband’s border disaster?
Politico recently released an article with quotes from the first lady’s office suggesting she has no part in the campaign and mysteriously claiming she never did. Biden’s supporters say she stepped down as chair of the task force due to criticism of her husband’s immigration policy:

Some migrant family advocates and lawyers are worried that Jill Biden has backed away from the topic because the administration is facing a barrage of criticism on the border issues from both the right and the left. It appears that Biden’s office is on the rise.

One advocate involved in the campaign expressed concern, saying, “I’m a little worried it’s deprioritized or seen as politically sensitive.”

The White House claims that the first lady had no official involvement in the matter. “The Department of Homeland Security is heading the work of the task force,” her spokesperson Michael LaRosa said. The First Lady has no official involvement on the task force since it is an interagency task force made up of representatives from relevant federal government agencies.”

Jill seems to be backing away from a huge mess that her inept husband has created.




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