Biden Makes A Blunder, CNN Reporter Fact-Check Him In Middle Of Speech!

In President’s speech in front of Congress on Wednesday, Biden said that he “traveled over 17,000 miles” with President Xi Jinping of the Chinese Communist Party.

Numerous left-wing fact-checkers said that this is unverified and misleading.

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Previously, Biden repeated this claim on a couple of other occasions.

According to The Washington Post, on February 16, 2021, town hall Biden claimed that. Then, on one interview with Norah O’Donnell of CBS News on February 7. If we get back on January 10, Biden again said it in a campaign rally at Sparks High School in Nevada.

“I spent a lot of time with President Xi,” Biden said on Wednesday.

“Traveled over 17,000 miles with him.”

Daniel Dale, a CNN reporter, immediately fact-checked President’s inaccurate statement. He shared the fact-check result on his Twitter account.

“Biden’s ‘I traveled over 17,000 miles with’ Xi Jinping claim is extremely inaccurate, as WaPo has shown. He’s spent a lot of time with Xi, but that ‘miles’ number is very false.”

Biden’s statement cannot be found in the pre-released WH transcript of the address.

Left-leaning organizations already fact-checked Biden’s claim, which turned out to be false.

Moreover, one CNN article from February 23 says that Biden “has not traveled anywhere close to 17,000 miles ‘with’ Xi.”
The Post shared that Biden and Xi spent an impressive amount of face-time.

“As far as we could tell, the only time Biden and Xi appear to have traveled together was when they visited Qingchengshan High School in Dujiangyan,” The Post shared.

“We found a clue about what Biden was trying to say when we searched as many transcript archives as we could and found a statement Biden made at a Hillary Clinton campaign event on November 4, 2016: ‘Because the former president of China and President Obama seven years ago thought we should get to know one another, I traveled 17,000 miles through his country and our country over nine days.’”

Moreover, a WH official spoke to The Post and shared that the statement is a FALSE CLAIM.

Biden probably wanted to say the total travel back and forth for the meeting Xi and Biden hold together.


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