WATCH: AOC Worsened The Situation With Weird New Video Recorded In A Florida Airport Garage!

An ex-bartender and current attention seeker AOC doesn’t want to quit, and she won’t quit.

AOC was railed for massive hypocrisy when together with her boyfriend, maskless, enjoying the mandate-free life in Florida.

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Her criticism response was that the Republicans were jealous of her because they couldn’t date her.

Maybe she thinks that we are in high school.

She is aware of how ugly her boyfriend’s feet are.

In one bizarre video clip from Florida airport garage, Masked AOC claims that the outrage over her trip was because the Republicans were obsessed with her boyfriend’s feet.

Bizpacreview reported that US Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez shared another bizarre video on social media as she desperately attempted to distract from the hypocrisy of her being caught breaking the rules in Florida.

AOC wants attention, and she wasn’t pleased when she saw the picture of her without a mask. She wanted to justify herself by claiming that the Republicans were jealous because they couldn’t date her and that they were obsessed with her boyfriend’s feet.

“So we recently went to Florida, where Republicans developed an obsession with Riley’s feet,” she said, “give the people what they want,” as Roberts said.

If AOC ever wants to leave Congress, she would be an excellent replacement for Psaki! We all know she is good at lying!


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