UNDENIABLE Proof: C-19 Shots Kill People!

We live in the pandemic of the vaccinated!

We should trust the science! – It is Dems’ quote.

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I want to know if we should trust the actual world-renowned scientists, like Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, or only Fauci and Brix.

I’m asking because Dr. Bhakdi sounded the alarm about the coronavirus vaccines. He raised his voice, and many followed him.

Maybe you think that only one dose of the vaccine will be enough to keep you safe? Or maybe two shots?

Well, that’s wrong.

Bhakdi said we would need ‘’booster’’ shots to keep us healthy. Those won’t only protect us from the vaccine.

When you stop taking the boosters, you will start getting sick. You won’t get sick from the virus but from the things in the vaccine.

Is it scary, right?

We live in the Star Trek Deep Space 9, where Dominion gets sick if they forget to take the drug daily. The overlords give that medicine.

Do you think that it happens only in the movies? No! If you analyze the situation, you will realize that we live in it.

Doctors Arne Burkhardt and Sucharit Bhakdi give you the proof that no one can deny! It is true the shots are killing people!

Take a look at the video below.


Banned Video

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