Tucker Carlson BLASTED Ted Cruz For Parroting Liberal Talking Points On J6 Riots! [WATCH]

Ted Cruz credited the US Capitol Hill Police for their actions at the J6 event.

The US Capitol Police killed two females, Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland. We have recordings of their deaths, and also, the police beat other older women that day.

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This cannot be celebrated!

Tucker Carlson criticized the lies of Ted Crus called him a parrot.

Tucker Carlson took on Ted Cruz: He described January 6 as a violent terrorist attack. of all the things January 6 was, it was definitely not a violent terrorist attack. it wasn’t an insurrection. Was it a riot? Sure. It was not a violent terrorist attack. Sorry! So why are you telling us that it was, Ted Cruz? And why are none of your Republican friends who are supposed to be representing us and all the people who’ve been arrested during this purge saying anything? What the hell’s going on here? Maybe the Republican party is as worthless as we suspected it was.

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