BREAKING NEWS: Maricopa County Election Footage Shared! Election Workers Committed Many Violations! More Legal Violations! [WATCH]

The people from Maricopa County shared footage from the elections Department, showing evidence of law violations by the election workers.

The video shows a sign in the staff break :“Staff Break Room electronic devices allowed in this area only.”

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The following frame shows a man walking into the forbidden zone with his phone. The video tells us a woman using her phone to take snaps of ballots in the unauthorized zone.

‘’We The People AZ Alliance: This is a video of election workers using personal cell phones in secure areas that they are not allowed to have phones in. The second part also shows one reason why that’s not ok. She is taking pictures of ballots with her phone… These videos are to show the blatant disregard for any laws, rules, or statutes and is a clear indicator that there are plenty of willfully negligent and potentially unscrupulous people involved in our elections.’’

In another video, two women are taking a news flash drive and unwrapping it for use in a secure location. These are the worst IT practices, and they are used to steal the 2020 Presidential election from Trump.

The timestamps on the videos show that they are from October 2021, right before the November 2021 elections in Maricopa County.”


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