BOMBSHELL Theory: Why Pelosi Refused Trump’s National Guard Request On J6?

The J6 hunt is another Dems’ PR stunt.

This is a political theatre and the biggest show that deserves an Oscar!

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The bets are off, and the chips are on the table.

They haven’t charged either one person who was arrested at the Capitol with any criminal charge linked to inciting an insurrection. This was happening because all the innocent people and did nothing close to an insurrection.

Lee Smith is an author for the Epoch Times who shared the new theory why Mayor Bowser and Pelosi rejected Trump’s request for the National Guard on J6.

Why did Capitol Police and Metro PD refuse the president’s order to activate the National Guard help?

Lee says that Bowser and Pelosi didn’t want the DoD to be present because they would have realized what was really happening!

Lee’s theory appeared after the interview with Bill O’Reilly and Kash Patel.

Patel is among the persons who exposed the J6 committee and the Capitol Police, and the DC Mayor.

Take a look at the video below.

Everything is linked to the Dems; regardless of that, they deny all the accusations.

It has been their pattern forever. Trump won’t get into a trap.


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