BBC Guest Shared The Truth About The Red Pill! BOMB! [WATCH]

There are a lot of sides that could be taken regarding the C-19 pandemic and how it affects the population globally.

For example, the Democrats think that many mandates and forced jabs will help to stop the virus. Other governments adopted the style of government overreach as they say they are fighting the virus.

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According to businessman Luke Johnson, who attended BBC Question Time, the hysteria around the pandemic will kill more people than the virus itself.

With the shocking revelation, Johnson doesn’t hold back when he rips into the many governments worldwide for overreaching about a virus that has killed only 350 individuals.

He suggests that a person with previous morbidities is removed from the C-19 data. Johnson revealed that more people drown in one year than die from the virus.


Johnson understands the people who have lost their loved ones, friends, and family. However, he continued to emphasize that because of the government’s harsh restrictions, we face the largest recessions in the past 300 years.

“That is equivalent to two recessions.”

Labeling the world as a depression, Johnson said that two million people would be unemployed within one year.

“Lockdowns will be causing more deaths than the virus.”


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