WATCH: Biotech Analyst Issues 5G Warning

The U.S. government has taken the Patriot Act to a whole new “draconian level”.

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On Monday, DHS put out a bulletin declaring a “heightened threat environment” for terrorism. It’s not because we have hundreds of thousands of people flooding over the border every month. It’s not because Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been given permission to riot and loot almost at will. No, DHS says we’re in danger of terrorism because of “misinformation.” They say that “threat actors” are undermining trust in the government, and that’s the real reason to be worried about terrorism.

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston joined the Stew Peters Show on Wednesday, to share an even more shocking detail.

“So, what they suggest is a way to get ongoing measurements that can measure biological, physical changes, DNA damage, and protein and peptide observation,” Karen Kingston told Stew Peters. “So that is genetic changes!”

“They also need a way for this data to then be uploaded to a mass database,” Kingston explained to Stew. “This is what we talked about before – so where were these PCR tests going before? They were going to a massive database in China. They were also going to a mass database at the NIH, and it was being shared with China.”

“So the proposal says,” Stew told Kingston. “That we are going to be sneaky, covert, and we’re going to hide while we’re doing this.”

“This is not for our greater good,” Kingston told Stew. “This is for some master demonic plan to depopulate the world, and control us.”

“If any of this had anything to do with your health and safety they would allow nutrition and vitamins when people get sick,” Stew told Kingston. “But instead they give them poison and ventilators when they get sick, and they kill them.”


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