The Media Ambushes A “Dying Pure Blood”

You’ll not find this particular story on any other place – but here and the Stew Peters Show.

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Do you remember the recently published story on the abuse of a Virginia father named Shamgar Connors, who was spending 12 hours a day on dialysis because a hospital kicked him off the kidney transplant list for being unvaccinated? S

Well, he has returned to the Stew Peters Show, which originally posted his message to the world to share that doctors are trying to get him labelled as psychiatrically unstable for his very understandable decision to not get the jab.

He is also enduring a heartless attack by members of the lying media, specifically Inside Edition, who lied to him to get an interview, and then ambushed him and tried to make him look stupid.

“I think we just had such good answers that they couldn’t really twist what we were saying as much as they wanted to,” Connors Shamgar told Stew. “But they definitely were trying! They were trying to make my wife look like she was absolutely crazy; they’re like ‘you’re a nurse, you’re just going to let your husband die? You’re not going to do anything to save him?’ like, just crazy stuff!”

“41,163 people have been permanently disabled from this shot,” Stew said to Connors. “41 thousand have been permanently disabled; and that is only according to the CDC’s vaccine adverse event reporting system, which we know is less than 1% reported according to a Harvard study – of all places.”


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