Psaki’s Description Of The Freedom Movement- HILARIOUS & PATHETIC!

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki did her best to defend Biden and serve him properly. But, this time, she failed on her press conference.

On Monday, she had a press conference and was asked to weigh in on the Freedom Convoy movement in Canada, spreading worldwide.

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Her explanation is very interesting.


“So, truckers in Canada last night shut down the ambassador bridge, which carries about a quarter of U.S.-Canada trading goods,” a reporter asked. “What’s the administration’s response to this action and what steps are being taken to ensure the free flow of goods and also any preventative steps being taken to address a possible blockade on the Michigan side of that bridge?”

“Well, let me first start by saying, I know there’s been some suggestion, not by reporters necessarily at all, but that this congestion is related to the vaccine requirements,” she said. “It’s not, uh, I mean, I’m, I’m saying I’m gonna get to the protests, but the protests going on across Canada, which have spread to a bridge, are leading to sporadic congestion and blockages,” she claimed.

“What we’ve seen with these requirements is across a range of industries, vaccination requirements have been implemented with no disruptions, have helped increase vaccinations,” she added mendaciously. “These requirements help protect more people from COVID. And there’s been zero indication across these industries that they would lead to disruptions, including on this policy.”

“We, of course, support, as you know, the right to freedom of speech and protest,” she continued. “While we do see some of these congestions due to protests, this is clear that these disruptions have broadened in scope beyond the vaccine requirement implementation… beyond that, we are, of course, in touch with our Canadian counterparts. But I don’t have any updates in terms of specific steps.”

If you need a translation, Psaki stated that the vaccine mandates don’t cause disruption, but the protests cause disruption.

But, for Psaki, the tyrannical measures are crumbling across Canada, and Saskatchewan and Albert end mandates and revolt against Trudeau in the Canadian Parliament.


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