Pfizer Will Face Difficult Times Very Shortly!

The price of any publicly traded stock is linked to the earning and future increases in earnings. There are some rare times when the share price of a specific company plummets because of a drastic change in public sentiment.

Scandals, fear, safety scares, and one-time events are enough to send the stock into free fall for a short time.

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Reports say that Pfizer forecasts a $54 billion year in sales for 2022; the share price may see price action downwards because of the unfavorable safety data.

Revenues may dry up if many people refuse Pfizer’s products.

Once the reports pass from the realm of independent journalism to the MSM sphere, negative public sentiment will follow.

This is what we know:


Zero Hedge reported:

Two weeks ago, the FDA begged a Texas judge to delay production on the first monthly batch of 55,000 pages of Covid-19 vaccine data submitted to the agency by Pfizer. Originally, the agency was set to produce just 500 pages-per-month.

Now, Pfizer – which just forecast $54 billion in Covid-related sales in 2022, appears to be anticipating some bad news, as evidenced by several redline changes in their Q4 earnings releases.

The Epoch Times added:

The American pharmaceutical and biotechnology giant said it expects to sell $32 billion of its vaccinations and $22 billion of its antiviral COVID-19 treatment pill Paxlovid in 2022 as demand for the products continues.

Those numbers are based on contracts signed or close to being signed as of late January, Pfizer said. 


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