Pfizer Confidential Documents Show That C-19 Vaccine May Caused Associated Enhanced Disease!

Pfizer is the company that hit the largest healthcare fraud settlement and criminal fine to date in 2009. It also happened to be the same company behind the first mRNA gene therapy injection against the C-19. It confessed in the confidential documents that it tried to stop the fact from leaking that C-19 may cause Vaccine-associated enhanced disease.

Since 2000, Pfizer has been among the wealthiest pharmaceutical companies in the world. They have hit with fines to £7.5 billion, ‘’ including a single £331.5 million fine for kickbacks and bribery offenses, £1.1 billion in fines for false claims offenses, and a record-breaking individual £1.7 billion fine in 2009 for engaging in fraud by mispromoting a now-withdrawn painkiller.’’

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However, the company was trusted enough by medicine to get the EUA for the experimental shot against the C-19. But they don’t care much because they made $36 billion in 2021, with the Governments worldwide using the taxpayer’s money to purchase enough doses from their vaccine for their citizens.

But, the confidential documents, Pfizer-authored, says that the company hasn’t caused only damage to the public purse, but it damaged public health. Pfizer confessed that Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease is a real theoretical risk for the C-19 vaccine.

In the table below, you can see that the document shows an Important Potential Risk and that risk I called VAED, including VAERD.

Pfizer stated: ‘an expected rate of VAED is difficult to establish, so a meaningful observed/expected analysis cannot be conducted at this point based on available data. The feasibility of conducting such an analysis will be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis as data on the virus grows, and the vaccine safety data continues to accrue.

Regarding the fact that this doc was approved on April 30, 2021, and based on data on adverse reactions received up to February 28, it should concern even the most loyal pharmaceutical worshippers.

In the UK, Pfizer was granted a EUA on December 8, 2020, and the first injection was administered the following day. Five months later, Pfizer confessed they didn’t know if the shots caused VAED. This shows that the vaccines are only the biggest experiment performed on humans.

Pfizer added, ‘Since the first temporary authorization for emergency supply under Regulation 174 in the UK (December 1, 2020) and through February 28, 2021, 138 cases [0.33% of the total PM dataset], reporting 317 potentially relevant events were retrieved.’

Pfizer also confessed that until February 28, 2021, 138 people had reported severe effects markers of VAED.

There are the markers:

  • Standard Decreased Therapeutic Response Search AND PTs Dyspnoea;
  • Tachypnoea;
  • Hypoxia;
  • COVID 19 pneumonia;
  • Respiratory Failure;
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome;
  • Cardiac Failure;
  • Cardiogenic shock;
  • Acute myocardial infarction; Arrhythmia; Myocarditis;
  • Vomiting; Diarrhoea; Abdominal pain;
  • Jaundice;
  • Acute hepatic failure;
  • Deep vein thrombosis; Pulmonary embolism;
  • Peripheral Ischaemia;
  • Vasculitis;
  • Shock;
  • Acute kidney injury; Renal failure;
  • Altered state of consciousness;
  • Seizure;
  • Encephalopathy;
  • Meningitis;
  • Cerebrovascular accident;
  • Thrombocytopenia;
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation;
  • Chillblains;
  • Erythema multiforme;
  • Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome; Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

Pfizer said that these 138 cases included,

  • 71 incidents in the UK;
  • 25 incidents in the USA;
  • 14 incidents in Germany;
  • 16 incidents in France, Italy, Mexico & Spain (4 each);
  • 3 incidents in Denmark;
  • and 9 incidents from 9 different countries

Out of 138 cases, 71 were deemed medically significant, and eight were left with severe disabilities. Also, non-life-threatening hospitalization was required for 16 cases, one was left with serious disabilities, and 17 people were deemed life-threatening, of which seven were deemed serious for hospitalization, 38 cases ended up dead.

Pfizer continued, ‘Of the 317 relevant events, the most frequently reported PTs (≥2%) were: Drug ineffective (135), Dyspnoea (53), Diarrhoea (30), COVID-19 pneumonia (23), Vomiting (20), Respiratory failure (8), and Seizure (7).’

‘VAED may present as severe or unusual clinical manifestations of COVID-19. Overall, there were 37 subjects with suspected COVID-19 and 101 subjects with confirmed COVID-19 following one or both doses of the vaccine; 75 of the 101 cases were severe, resulting in hospitalization, disability, life-threatening consequences, or death.’

Pfizer concluded, ‘In this review of subjects with COVID-19 following vaccination, based on the current evidence,
VAED/VAERD remains a theoretical risk for the vaccine. Surveillance will continue.’

Pfizer confessed that the VAED is a theoretical risk linked to the vaccines against the C-19 virus.

There are no suitable words that could convey how unbelievably stupid and dangerous the decision to give this injection to people is.

Check the table below.

The data shared by the PHS shows that the fully vaccinated are four times more likely to die of C-19 than the unvaccinated.

Check this graph:

The highest death rate among the vaccinated is 14.05 per 100K in the week of January 8, 2022. At the same time, the rate per 100,000 unvaccinated people was 10.4. So, the vaccinated are 1.4 times more likely to die of C-19 than the unvaccinated.

‘’The four week average age-standardized death rates per 100,000 individuals equates to 6.2 among the not-vaccinated, but ten among the fully vaccinated, meaning on average the fully vaccinated have been 1.6 times more likely to die of Covid-19 than the not-vaccinated between December 18 21 and January 14 22.’’ The Expose reported.


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