Michelle Obama Pressured By The Dems To Run In 2024?!

Michele/ Michael for President?!

What do you think?!

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During a recent episode of her Fox News talk show, Laura Ingraham said that it seems to her like Democrats are pressuring former First Lady Michelle Obama to run for president in 2024.

The conservative media personality cited this as proof that Democrats have learned nothing when it comes to figuring out why they’re losing ground in the polls with average Americans.

“Michelle to the rescue? You might ask yourselves, how much trouble are the Democrats really in?” Ingraham said. “They actually might try to convince Michelle Obama to run for president. Remember, just a few months ago, even Joe Rogan got in on that act.”

Though Ingraham acknowledged that a recent poll found that Obama is the most popular Democrat in the world, she made sure to add that the former First Lady has “zero relevant experience” in politics. She also said that Obama running would be like Republicans calling on former First Lady Laura Bush to run.

“He used that experience and a keen sense of the political undercurrents to quickly galvanize a populist conservative movement,” she explained. “He was offering a set of ideas that his party had not fully embraced at the time, from strict border enforcement to tougher trade deals to less military intervention abroad.”

“By contrast, the entire point of a Michelle Obama movement would be to take her fame and celebrity, then tie them to the same failed ideas that destroyed the Democrat Party over the last year and destroyed American cities as well,” Ingraham added. “Democratic officeholders, they’re not flailing and failing because they’re not charming or glamorous. They’re failing because their policies cannot and do not work. Look at the state of Blue America right now.”

In the end, Ingraham does not believe that Obama will cave to this Democrat pressure by actually running.

“Despite all the speculation, it is really hard to see any scenario under which Michelle Obama would actually agree to this nonsense,” Ingraham concluded. “She’s intelligent enough to realize that a lot of her popularity stems from the fact that her husband was beloved and usually, not always, but usually she tends to stay above politics … Plus her husband was savvy enough to keep the far left at bay. Middle-class Americans didn’t like radicalism when he was president, and [former President Barack Obama] knew it.”


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