Kevin Sorbo’s Single Question To Blow Entire Big Pharma Charade

He has really good common sense, asides from the great acting skills and looks.

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And I love when he makes one of his significant observations – and I read it and think – “OMG, why didn’t I think of that?”

So, what was this great thing Kevin asked?

Here’s what he said: “If the shots were given away for free because they’re life-saving, why isn’t insulin free? Chemotherapy? Epipens?”

And he’s not talking about free universal healthcare.

As Kevin points out, this is clearly nothing but a game for Big Pharma and the government, and it’s a game being played with people’s lives.

He was actually speaking that politicians are playing politics and trading even with people’s lives – for money!

Here’s what people online had to say:

“Insulin is a big ticket item. They make a killing off it. Diabetes sufferers can spend a fortune on that stuff. It’s a necessity and the manufacturers know it.”

“Excellent question, Kevin”

“Really starting to sound like the Hercules I fell for in the first place”

“First and likely last time I will ever agree with Kevin Sorbo. The answer: Big Pharma”

“So many liberals in the comments think this is about “universal healthcare” that’s how brainwashed they are by the pharmaceutical industry and the government. They don’t even know who the enemy really is”

“Because COVID was a political ploy used for control. Those other diseases are just everyday money makers for Big Pharma. And 10% for the Big Guy”

“They like to throw the peasants a bone when it suits their needs”


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