Hidden Wartime Secrets: Did Thousands Of Young Brave Americans Died For Lies?

A very popular subject since forever, the war crimes that were done in a silent agreement with the ruling politicians have taken so many young American lives away. It’s a subject for movies to this day.

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But today’s real-time story comes from the Stew Peters exclusive with LTC. Scheller.

“America’s war in Afghanistan was basically the biggest scam in world history. We spent $2.3 trillion dollars over twenty years to build a democracy, and then we turned it over to the Taliban, along with a billion dollars worth of military equipment.

The entire time, defense contractors were collecting fat paydays; State Department hacks collected achievement stars while propagandizing Afghans with feminism; and our troops were ordered by terrible generals to ally with warlords and ignore the raping of young boys on our own bases.

If members of the military dared speak out against this, or a slew of other corrupt realities, they were attacked, demoted, and court-martialed. One Marine who refused to remain silent, and called for accountability after 13 young soldiers died in a suicide bombing during the Kabul withdrawal, is Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, and he joined the Stew Peters Show on Monday to discuss the decay from within one of America’s oldest and proudest institutions.”

Watch their extremely candid discussion in the video below:


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