Florida Hospitals Will Be Allowed To Kill People Until 2023

Australia has already been on the edge of this. And some cases have also been reported going around the abiding medical practices.

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Our dead shots are turning in death-reality. Death beds and death camps – not hospitals anymore!

On today’s episode of the Dr. Jane Ruby Show, makes a plea to Florida Governor Ron Desantis to stop the extension of the hospital death protocol by law. Dr. Jane also warns about new illegal moves by Pfizer and Moderna and makes a plea to Congress to haul the companies in along with the CDC and the FDA leadership and the last part of the show, Dr. Jane bids farewell to friend and colleague, conservative talk show host and stand up comic, Chris Pante who died at the hands of doctors and nurses at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut by forcing him onto the CDC Death Protocol – and Dr. Jane tells you how to avoid hospitals at all costs.


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