FBI Shared Mueller Docs But Hillary’s Name – REDACTED! Previous Document Dum Exposed Her Name ALREADY!

The FBI shared a document dump of Mueller investigation reports that provide no significant information.

However, they redacted the name of Hillary Clinton but forgot that the previous document had already shared her name.

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The FBI shared another data dump from the same investigation, per FOIA’s request during the weekend. The release included ex-FBI Director James Comey’s notes about his conversation with Trump on J6, 2017, one day before he met Obama, Biden, and others in the WH.

Another document shows the FBI cover-up. On page 17, the FBI shared a document from 2001, linked to the dinner meeting with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. The FBI wanted to see if Clinton’s pardons of individuals like Marc Rich “were on the up and up.”

This is page 17:

However, here’s a similar doc from a couple of days before the previous document from the FBI, where Hillary Clinton’s name could be seen.

If you see page 138 of the #3 Clinton Foundation on the vault, you can see her name. Why did they redact Hillary’s name? Was she at the meeting with Bill and Rich?


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