Exclusive Election Fraud On Video! Maricopa County Election Workers Caught Red-Handed Erased Files From Server Before Delivering Them To Auditors!

Maricopa County’s full forensic audit revealed hundreds of thousands of ballot discrepancies and election law violations like the deletion of election files before giving the machines to the auditors.

The video evidence was redacted from the public report to protect the people who deleted the files.

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Maricopa County officials confessed to deleting these files in a Congressional hearing but later stated that the files were archived.

The AZ AG conducts a criminal investigation with the full, unredacted report. We The People AZ Alliance, shared actual footage from the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center server room when these files were erased from the server.

Identities were hidden to protect the integrity of the investigation.

AZ gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake asked for perp walks after seeing this video.


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