Disturbing Photo: Angry Obama In Hawaii

He’s in Hawaii, and he’s overseeing the building of his latest beachfront mansion.

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The entire situation is ironic since the “Climate Change” Obama peddler isn’t one bit concerned about those “raising ocean” levels since he decided to build a mansion in Hawaii, right?

But this photo went viral for 2 basic reasons:

1. He looks REALLY pissed off

2. He continues political warfare elite, without wearing a mask in public

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Oceanfront mansion…. But don’t forget about Climate change!!!!!!”

“This is why we HATE him and the other elites”

“Come on. How much more of this hypocrisy and elitism?”

“what an enormous, arrogant turd . . . . .”

“Rules for thee and not for me”

“People, it’s important that *THEY* be heard and seen, while the untermensch that they’re forced to come into contact with remain an undifferentiated mass of faceless, voiceless drones. Because Science! you ignorant anti-vaxxer.”

“AND climate change is so SERIOUS that Obama is building a house right on that endangered rising sea level ocean!”

“Never listen to someone’s rules or standards if they don’t follow them themselves.”

“Love how these psychopaths scream about climate change and rising water levels while buying property right on the beach. F**king liars.”

“Must be on the 1st page of the Dems playbook! Let’s make everyone else suffer except ourselves! #scumbags”

“ANOTHER beachfront house, Barry?”


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