Demon-Possessed Human Smuggler

Angie Wong, of the New York Post, decided to do something Joe Biden has not done, and Kamala Harris has only done once – visit the border.

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Having apprehended close to two million illegal immigrants in 2021, Wong wrote, “I spent three days on the front lines of the Biden administration’s illegal-immigration crisis and found a Border Patrol that has changed from an enforcement agency to a concierge service.” She added, “The southern border of the United States has become a suggestion, a line that vanishes a little more each day.”

Now, let’s get back to the heart of the issue and the story of the day.

Although in handcuffs, the woman was still able to lash out at the officers, never saying too much, just growling and snarling at the agents. While disturbing, this type of behavior has become a common occurrence for the border patrol as they battle hordes of immigrants, cartels, human traffickers, and drug smugglers.

Can you also see the real issue – and where the focus and attention should be turned to?


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