Dad Feels Guilty For Letting His Child Get Vaccinated Who Died Due To The C-19 Vaccines!

In a viral video, a father from Ireland stated that he felt guilty after his 10-year-old son died due to the C-19 vaccination.

Sean Ellie, his youngest son, received the vaccine on January 15. On January 31, his son suffered a fatal heart problem while playing at school. After some time in the hospital, the son died.

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The doctors don’t want to admit that that child’s death is linked with the shot.

“We have been told, No, it’s nothing to do with the vaccine because it only happened once.’ I don’t know,” Eile said.

Infowars reported:

In a solemn TikTok video, Sean Eile describes how the Covid-19 vaccine given on January 15 almost led to his son’s death two weeks later.

“Everyone in the house is vaccinated. I got my youngest son vaccinated on the 15th of January, and two weeks later, on the 31 of January, he was playing in school, and he had a… well I’ll show you,” Elie says holding up a printout of an EKG showing an extremely fast heart rate.

“He basically died,” Eile continued, adding, “The ambulance was able to [resuscitate] him.”

The man says despite the boy and his family never having suffered any past heart issues, doctors refused to acknowledge any possible link to the Covid-19 vaccine.

“We’ve been told, ‘No, it’s nothing to do with the vaccine…because it only happened once.’ I don’t know,” Eile said, before adding he feels “proper guilty” about getting the boy vaccinated.

“The fact that the consultant in the hospital denied any link, so that it won’t be recorded as associated with the vaccine – that’s not good,” the dad says.



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