Cardiologist And Private Pilot Dr. Richard Jolkovsky Died After A Minor Plane Crash!

Dr. Richard Jolkovsky was a CentraCare Heart and Vascular Center cardiologist in St. Cloud, Minnesota! The pilot (61) was among the two people injured in a small plane crash west of the Twin Cities.

Jolkovski died from the injuries south of Hutchinson, the McLeod County Sheriff’s Office stated.

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Star Tribune reported:

Jolkovsky was a cardiologist at the St. Cloud-based health care system CentraCare, where he had worked since 1996. During his tenure, Jolkovsky served as chief of staff at St. Cloud Hospital and currently served as the medical director of clinical excellence and as a member of the hospital’s board of directors.

“Dr. Jolkovsky touched the lives of patients and CentraCare staff across central Minnesota,” a CentraCare spokesperson said Thursday. “Our hearts go out to Rick’s wife, Merryn Jolkovsky, MD, palliative care physician with CentraCare and the entire Jolkovsky family.”

The crash occurred about 1 p.m. near 145th Street and Plum Avenue, according to the Sheriff’s Office said.

The aviation-tracking website reported that the plane left Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie and retraced its path at times before crashing in a rural part of the county.

The COVID Blog shared this: He was also on the hospital’s board of directors. CentraCare required all employees to be fully-vaccinated by December 15.

KNSI Radio added:

CentraCare Health now states they’ve placed an estimated 250 to 300 staff on a leave of absence for failing to comply with the vaccine mandate. CentraCare says as of December 16, 100 percent of its staff and clinicians are compliant with the vaccine requirement. CentraCare’s vendors, traveling clinical staff and locum tenens physicians are also compliant.

CentraCare employees who didn’t show C-19 vaccination proof by December 15 were on a leave of absence.

The COVID Blog reported:

The FAA reported that the plane “departed and crashed under unknown circumstances.” The flight path just before the crash was re-enacted on a simulator based on the flight data.

Things get really dramatic at the 2:03 mark, with the plane’s nose bouncing up and down. The plane quickly lost altitude and crashed seconds later. Despite crashing, there was no explosion, and the plane was almost completely intact. Perhaps the snow softened the crash “landing.”

The plane went down just south of the town of Hutchinson, Minnesota, near 145th Street and Plum Avenue.

Is this crash a vaxxident?

We have reports of the plane crash almost daily. That’s why we ask if this is an accident or vaccident?

Is this another vaxxident that Cliff High warned us about? They’re trying to promote the story of the pilots being fine and performing a heroic maneuver, and maybe they did, or this is another vaxxident, and they can’t allow too many of those to reach the press?

Maybe the accident happened due to engine failure, but we don’t trust anyone, especially not the MSM.

You should use critical thinking!

When there are news reports about DAILY plane crashes, and when we know that the vaccine causes medical incidents, then it’s reasonable to ask if the crash was caused by an accident or by the vaccines.

Bear in mind that the vaccines don’t affect only the pilots but all the passengers.

Check this out:

The AP shared this:

Wreckage from a plane that went missing on Tuesday in Russia’s far-east region of Kamchatka has been found about 5km away from a runway of the airport on the coast where it was supposed to land, officials say.

An Antonov An-26 plane with 22 passengers and six crew members, flying from the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the town of Palana on the Okhotsk Sea coast, missed a scheduled communication and disappeared from radar as it was on approach for landing.

The governor of Kamchatka, Vladimir Solodov, told the Interfax news agency that the aircraft’s fuselage was found on land near the coast, while other wreckage was found nearby in the Okhotsk Sea

According to Russian media reports, none of the 28 people on board survived the crash.

The plane belonged to a company called Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise and, Russian state news agency Tass reported, had been in operation since 1982.

The company’s director, Alexei Khabarov, told the Interfax news agency that the plane was technically sound before taking off in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

A criminal investigation into the incident has been launched. Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise’s deputy director, Sergei Gorb, said the plane “practically crashed into a sea cliff,” which wasn’t supposed to be in its landing trajectory.

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