Canadian Media Promote Nazi False Flag In Front Of Massive Ottawa Protest Arrest!

One insider shared bad news for the protesters in Canada. He stated that a law enforcement insider told him that a massive arrest would occur right before Friday and that police were on their way to make the arrests.

“Unfortunately, rather than negotiate, or speak to, or deal with this very popular movement happening across the country, the government has decided to use brute force,” the whistleblower says.

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“They’re going to be killing cell phone service. You’re not going to be able to call, you’re not going to be able to livestream, you’re not going to be able to do anything,” he continued.

The concerned Canadian added, “They’re coming, and they’re going to arrest everybody, and they’re just gonna come down there, they’re gonna lock you up… they don’t want to talk to you, they’re not interested in entertaining your problems or talking to you. They’re sending in the jackboots to round everybody up and have them arrested.”

If a massive arrest raid happens, it could be the prime moment for the elite to stage a false flag to blame on the freedom movement.



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