C-19 Vaccines Inflict Far More Deaths Than We Initially Thought! There May Be Hundreds Of Thousands, Deaths More!

One recent report stated that C-19 vaccines are causing much more harm and deaths than we initially thought!

These drugs may be responsible for hundreds or thousands more deaths.

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“The number of Americans who have suffered serious side effects or died after receiving the mRNA injection billed as a ‘vaccine’ is exploding,” the RAIR Foundation’s Amy Mek shared.

“Furthermore, injected people seem to be much worse off than those who refuse the experimental jab. Yet, despite the ‘vaccine’ and ‘boosters’ not protecting people from COVID and increasing the chances of infection from Omicron, left-wing governments worldwide continue to pressure and mandate citizens to receive them,” she added.

Mek cited One America News Network’s report, claiming that last month, as of January 4, at least 946.000 Americans died after the vaccination or experienced severe reaction.

The report noted that the Department of Health and Human Services emphasized more than 100,000 Americans have Had to be hospitalized after getting the shot.

“Those suffering from the injection’s side effects are not just nameless figures on a page, reports OAN. For example, Angelia Desselle from Louisiana could barely stand after her shot and suffers from a neurological disorder that, according to doctors, is the result of the vaccine. Likewise, Shawn Skelton from Indiana has been debilitated and lost control of her body since the Pfizer shot,” Mek claimed.

Fully vaccinated Jummai Nache from Minnesota had to undergo legs and hands amputation after she got vaccinated. Maddie de Garay (13) from Ohio has been paralyzed from the waist down, and now she’s fed through a tube and has lost her control of bodily functions!

Health officials in the communist country of Vietnam have more respect for the patients than the western officials. They suspended the Pfizer shot once 120 children suffered serious side effects from the vaccine and had to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, three children died.

The US VAERS and the CDC shared that there have been 20,000 deaths caused by the vaccines. Furthermore, researchers from Columbia University reported that the actual number of people who have died due to the vaccines is far more than the VAERS reported. According to their statistic, there have been more than 400,000 deaths by the vaccines.

An ex-NY Times reporter, Alex Berenson, reported that mRNA vaccines show strong negative efficacy and could increase people’s chance of contracting the omicron vaccine.

Mek continued: ‘’According to OAN, tens of thousands of people, including children, have also died following the vaccination. Thirteen-year-old Jacob Clynick of Michigan died in his sleep shortly after getting his second Pfizer shot. An 11-year-old girl from Georgia died shortly after her Pfizer vaccine. Also, a 5-year-old girl died four days after getting her first Pfizer shot. In addition, an 8-year-old girl suffered a stroke and a brain hemorrhage seven days after the Pfizer shot.’’

“We are now seeing the ramifications of this untested, unproven, and hastily developed vaccine, and it is much worse than we feared,” said OAN’s Pearson Sharp, “and this is just the beginning.”

“Unless Americans and parents stand up to these unscientific mandates, we could be looking at hundreds of thousands more dead and permanently injured victims from the biggest experiment on human beings in history,” Sharp continued.




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