BREAKING NEWS: Fusion GPS Didn’t Work Only On Steele Dossier! They Worked On Every Key Anti-Trump Story Coming From DOJ And Mueller Gang!

One document given in a DC court case against Fusion GPS showed that the company was involved in much more than Steele Dossier behind Trump-Russia hoax.

It was behind the Alfa Bank, Carter Page, Papadopoulos, Manafort, and the Trump family lies.

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We didn’t know that associating Fusion GPS with the Steele Dossier was short-changing the company’s efforts to harass President Donald Trump. The company did something much more than that.

The document exposed in a court case in DC with Fusion GPS showed that the company worked on every piece of information used by the Mueller gang to eliminate Trump.

Check this out:

The second document shares similar data with the dollar values on their projects totaling $1 million.

We see in these documents that Fusion GPS was involved in every story.

They collaborated with Don Berlin, whom we reported on recently. He was the first one to use the Russia collusion sham in the 2000s.

We saw from Fusion GPS projects that they were involved with Crowdstrike, who was first reported as the experts claiming Russia had stolen the DNC’s emails. Furthermore, the company was included in the Alfa Bank story, which was a lie, the Carter Page story, which again was a lie, the Paul Manafort story, and the Papadopoulos story.

This company went after Trump’s children too. It won’t stop at anything!

But, we have a question, who paid Fusion GPS to do this?

It seems that the stories were pumped into the DOJ and Meuller investigation, and they were used to harass Trump and take him from office!


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