99.8% Of Religious Exemption Requests – DENIED By Air Force!

The US Air Force made headlines by claiming they granted 9 religious exemptions to the shot. Out of 3000 religious exceptions, only 9 were granted by the Air Force, or let’s say 3000 were denied!

It’s an abysmal ratio, showing the military may not be so keen on religious freedom and bodily anatomy.

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The Air Force didn’t comment on the circumstances which granted these exceptions while denying 3000 others, nor will they comment on this in the future.

We can hope that they may change their policy to grant more exceptions!

This is what we know so far:

The Epoch Times reported:

As of Feb. 3, a total of 3,458 requests for religious accommodation out of 3,539 initial requests have been rejected by the U.S. Marine Corps, while 81 requests are pending review, court papers show.

The U.S. Coast Guard has denied 578 of 1,308 initial requests for religious exemption from the vaccine mandate, and 715 requests are under review.

The Air Force’s latest data states that as of Feb. 7, the Air Force has “administratively separated” 142 active-duty airmen.

Washington Examiner added this:

More than 5,700 airmen requested a religious exemption, 2,556 of which are still pending.

Of the 3,222 requests that have been denied, 732 are still in the appeals process, and 443 appeals have been denied, per Air Force data.

The nine airmen who were granted the exemption represent less than 0.2% of Air Force applicants.


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