Vaxx Injured Athlete Speaks Out About Her Life & Career Destroyed by The Covid Jab

The triathlete’s life and career went down the stairs with a drastic fast tempo, after she got the Pfizer C19 ‘safe’ shot.

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On Thursday, Newell joined the Stew Peters Show to discuss her reaction to the jab, concerns for others facing the vaccine mandates, and React-19.

Here’s more from the well-put interview conducted by the original enthusiastic Stew Peters.

“The death shot has crippled Suzanna Newell, a previously avid triathlon runner, and competitive endurance biker. Doctors have diagnosed her with an autoimmune disease and small-fibre polyneuropathy, which includes symptoms of imbalance, joint pains and tinnitus, and the constant sensation of pins-and-needles on her skin.

Newell has refused to let this affliction stop her and has dedicated her time to the small non-profit called React-19, which supports research into COVID-19 vaccination injuries.”



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