UPDATE: Despite Trudeau’s Act, Freedom Truckers Ain’t Leaving!

Trudeau made his boldest “communist” move from any western liberal leader.

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The trucker movement has been going on loud and clear. And according to Justin Trudeau, that “fringe group” of truckers is apparently the greatest threat to the Canadian government, on earth.

So, Justin sees a great threat in the middle-class working Canadians?!

OK. Good.

So, Justin turned against his own working-class people and is now using banks as political weapons against anyone protesting, who disagrees with him and his goofy mandates.


According to the Daily Wire’s report,

“David Paisley says he has been protesting for weeks now and, as a street captain, helps organize protesters and direct those who wish to support the cause with funds, goods, or services. Paisley told The Daily Wire that Trudeau’s announcement, which made headlines across major news organizations in the U.S. and Canada, went off barely noticed by the protesters on the ground.”

No one really cares about any new announcement. I mean the police have been breaking the law long before any emergency power. They were taking our fuel away. They were arresting people for purely having jerry cans or having empty tanks of fuel,” he said.

“They’ve already been doing these ‘emergency powers’ and all it does is make people dig their heels in more,” Paisley added. “The irony … is that these very powers and threats are why we are here.”

Trudeau announced in a press conference Monday afternoon that he was authorizing the federal government’s use of the Emergencies Act, a law passed in the late 1980s to take the place of the War Measures Act. The act strengthens Canadian law enforcements’ ability to fine and imprison violators and ensures the operation of “essential services” such as towing rigs, Trudeau said during his press conference. It also empowers banks and financial institutions to freeze the accounts of any person or business suspected of being involved with an “illegal blockade.”


Talking about mandates and restrictions in America…

New Zealand and Canada are starting to find like Russian co-companies, right?


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