Trudeau’s Dark Pedophilia Network Exposed!

Being too much in the focus and centre of worldwide media attention doesn’t bring always good.

Hackers and crafty tech-savvies would get their hands and fingers busy, and dig all the dirt and deeply-rooted connections from “previous lives” to make these people miserable but to also, keep them at the centre of the attention they wanted so badly.

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The dictatorship and these matters of “past lives” were discussed on Stew Peter’s Show.

On Wednesday, the Stew Peters Show was joined by Sandy Glaze, who reflected on Trudeau’s rise to full-time Totalitarian by day, and sex ring paedophilia by night.

Follow the extremely candid episode.

Stew exposed how the citizens are currently reacting to this new draconian order.

“Canadians are literally running to the bank right now, as we speak, desperately trying to get their cash out, for fear of losing everything because they may have given $5 to a trucker,” Stew told Sandy.

This is not the only Castro-esque thing Trudeau has done however. He is also a pedophile that is allegedly running a sex ring in Canada!

“When you talk about Justin Trudeau, I think pedophilia is run by the Prime Minister’s office, but he just happens to be the one in power right now,” Sandy told Stew. “He’s the one pushing the agenda because he’s more queer than the last Prime Minister we had, and he was gay!”

Glaze later described the types of pedophilia that are most evident today. She brought up a college campus in British Columbia who, during Rush Week, had students chanting pro-rape towards minors, and keeps a close watch on those who have their “eyes light up”.


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