The Photo of Kelsey Grammer That Makes Liberals To ‘Lose It’

Do you remember one of the most awesome shows of all time – ‘Fraiser’?

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I absolutely adore the humour and the actors. And was left completely amazed and dazzled when I found out the actor who played the main character in the series, Kelsey Grammer, is a big Trump and MAGA supporter.

Look at this image and his ear-to-ear smile at Mar-a-Lago. It proves that Kelsey wants to Make America Great Again, and it’s driving liberals right over the edge of the cliff.

Here’s what the mad Liberals are saying to the photo.

“My God, I have never been so disappointed in an actor in my life”

“So, Kelsey is a Nazi, okay got it.”

“Goodbye Frasier, it’s been nice, but you’re a clearly a racist”

“Frasier Crane would never stoop that low.”

“Well that lowers my opinion of Kelsey Grammer and I won’t watch another episode of Frasier ever again”

“Everyone in the replies is acting like they’ll no longer watch Frasier reruns, as if any of you have the intellect or attention span to ever watch it in the first place”

“Wow. Kelsey must be seriously broken to STILL support Trump after all this.”

“I used to have the greatest respect for Kelsey Grammer. Frasier is one of my all-time favorite shows. Not any more”

“If we all ban together and stop watching Frasier reruns maybe we get them to remove it from streaming channels?”

“Frasier has left the building.”

“I vow to never watch Frasier again, who’s with me?”

“Kelsey is a racist, but Fraiser will always be a liberal”


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