The “Let’s Go Brandon” Commercial On Super Bowl

What’s curious is how did this commercial even pass the bar from so many sounding alarms, and got to be aired, in the first place.

But, we’re happy, anyway.

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GOP candidate David McCormick paid for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial which used the chant “Let’s Go Brandon” in the background of the commercial.

Biden’s admin’s lousy choices were pointed out in the commercial, and it was AWESOME to see this as a breath of fresh air on the biggest sports event for America.

“The 30-second ad from GOP candidate David McCormick, using the thinly veiled attack on President Joe Biden, aired in Pennsylvania during Super Bowl LVI as the Cincinnati Bengals played the Los Angeles Rams.

The campaign ad features the chant, which is a direct replacement for the “f**k Joe Biden” phrase which was heard at major sporting events across the country in 2021, while news headlines that have plagued the Biden administration for the past year are displayed,” Newsweek wrote in their report on the matter.


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