Thai Health Authorities: Couples Have To Wear Face Masks During Intercourse!

Health authorities in Thailand are afraid that a sex boom on Valentine’s Day will cause a massive spread of the C-19 virus.

So, due to the fear, they advised couples to use face masks and avoid certain positions while making love.

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Also, they have recommended that couples cover their faces to prevent deep kissing and stated that face-to-face positions during sex should be avoided.

Lovers have to take antigen tests before having sex.

RT reported that romantic occasion is popular in Thailand, and couples want to wed on the day. But, with the C-19 cases are tremendously increased, the authorities have become concerned about the Valentine’s Day celebrations.

“Covid isn’t a sexually transmitted disease, but catching Covid is possible through close-contact breathing and exchanging saliva,” Bureau of Reproductive Health Director Bunyarit Sukrat told AFP, adding that “wearing face masks while having sex” might decrease the risk. He also advised avoiding “face-to-face sex positions and deep kissing.”

His recommendations came as a result of the country’s Department of Health, Dr. Suwanchai

Wattanayingcharoen supported using a mobile app that assesses the risk of C-19 exposure in restaurants and for performing a rapid antigen test before making love.


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