Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Vaccinated With Booster, Tested Positive C-19 As Well As His Entire Family!

Biden’s fully vaccinated and boosted Surgeon General Vivek Murthy this Friday shared that he tested positive for C-19.

His wife and children were also vaccinated and boosted tested positive and had symptoms.

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Vivek Murthy stated that vaccinated Americans have to wear masks to protect the unvaccinated, and maybe he should have worn a mask at home and in the shower to have protected his family?

He still speaks about C-19 safety.

According to his statements, he experiences muscle aches, chills, and sore throat.

“And let’s not assume those who get sick are careless. We don’t know people’s circumstances. They may not be able to protect themselves the way we can,” Murthy said.

One month ago, Murthy called for Rogan’s podcast to be censored to end the pandemic.

“A critical part of how we get through this pandemic” is “limiting the spread of misinformation” from shows like Joe Rogan, Murthy said on Tuesday.


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