Super Bowl Sewer: Snoop Dogg Fired Gun At Trump’s Head In Video! He Called Black Conservatives ‘’Coon Bunch’’!

Rapper Snoop Dogg created a rap video BadBadNotGood in 2017!

There he depicts Trump as a clown smoking a joint and pointing a gun at his head. When he shoots a gun, a flash fires at Trump’s head, and the BANG flag emerges.

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The rapper has rapped about drugs and sexually abusing women for decades, and he depicted Trump as a pot-smoking clown.

Trump doesn’t even drink alcohol.

Of an entertainer created this video for Obama? There would immediately be an investigation. This is in line with how degenerate Hollywood has become while pushing this immoral agenda.

Watch the video below:

**  Snoop Dogg announced in 2013 that he’s love to show his kids how to smoke pot.

** Snoop Dogg called Mitt Romney a “white n***er” in 2012.

** Snoop Dogg on Imus in 2007, “Rappers’ hos are different.”

** Snoop Dogg outside the Trump White House with a blunt, “F**k Trump.”

** Snoop Dogg calls President Trump a n***er, says “F**k him” on government shutdown.

** Snoop Dogg calls black conservatives “the coon bunch” in 2020.


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