Sen. Johnson Comes Forward With SHOCKING Evidence Of Vaccine Risks

The left-pushing of the vaccines and other restrictions has gone too far.

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As Johnson explained in a statement on his own official website:

“A fundamental of medical ethics is that people have the right to choose or refuse treatment. No one should be pressured, coerced, or fear reprisal for refusing treatment, including the Covid-19 vaccine. Unfortunately, I’ve been hearing accounts repeatedly from around the country that companies are forcing employees to make difficult decisions. As if the pandemic weren’t bad enough, we’ve politicized it to the breaking point. My hope is that the testimonials below will open people’s eyes and repair the damage and restore individual freedom before it’s too late,” reports have noted.

Much of this discussion has played out on social media platforms like Twitter.

Johnson argued that while most people don’t suffer significant side effects following vaccination, he is concerned about “that small minority that are suffering severe symptoms.” He pointed again and again to the number of reported deaths in the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System in setting up his argument warning against the vaccines.

But, even while citing its figures, Johnson correctly said the system “does not prove causation or necessarily even correlation,” as CNN reported.


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