SCANDAL: CNN Marked The WORST Rating In Seven Years!

The network ratings reached the bottom! The network that was called the most trusted name in the news!

CNN averaged only 444,000 viewers from February 7-13, reaching the very bottom since November 2015… Fox News reported.

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Even during CNN’s primetime broadcast, the network averaged 491,000 viewers.
Fox News trounces CNN’s ratings by 385%, with Tucker Carlson garnering an average of 3.5 million viewers in Fox Primetime slot.

The network has lost 90% of the viewers because of the constant deceptive news coverage!
This Monday, the new started running a paid ad including the content from China’s state-run media agency, Xihua.

The Chinese Communist ad called “A Winter Sporting Event like No Other highlights the Olympic events and Chinese efforts to make the environment “even greener.”

‘’ As a grand gesture of sustainable intent, the iconic Olympic torch will burn hydrogen for its flame,” according to the ad.

The network has ignored human rights and abuses by Olympic athletes who have been dragged off to isolation in Chinese quarantine camps.

The network suspended Cuomo after he was aiding the defense of his older brother, Andrew Cuomo, over sexual harassment allegations that resulted in his resignation.

The decision resulted from the letter that CNN got from an attorney representing the woman who Cuomo assaulted.

CNN, Jeff Zucker resigned after failing to disclose a consensual relationship with Allison Gollust, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for CNN.

He resigned on Thursday after Jason Killar issued a company-wide memo warning Collust, Zucker, and Cuomo violated company policies, among which were CNN’s New Standards and practices.


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