Response To The Panicked Media Attacks!

Many states have given private and personal information about the residents to ERIC, which has 350 million records on us. It features the voter data, Motor Vehicle Department info, and possibly court and vital records too.

Media outlets attacked TGP about the ERIC information, and they included personal attacks again about Jim Hoft, TGP, and many others.

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They didn’t mention the concerns people have about their ERIC.

TGP reported:

  1. ERIC is just a tiny 3 employee non-profit. Why are they granted regular access to the detailed and private data of residents in 2/3rds of our States? It’s 350 million records.
  2. The lead organizer behind ERIC in 2011 was David Becker, formerly from the DOJ and Pew. His career is filled with events and projects that help Democrats and purposely hurt Republicans. His DOJ ethics probe found that he despises conservatives (see Part 3). Why would anyone believe he designed ERIC to be fair for Republicans? An honest bipartisan non-profit would ban Becker from any involvement? But ERIC provides him a Board seat and operates as their spokesperson. This includes his recent attacks against The Gateway Pundit.
  3. ERIC is supposed to help clean voter rolls. Yet in 2020, Judicial Watch found 8 states where the average registration for the entire State exceeded 100% (Part 3). These are the worst of the worst voter rolls, and 7 of these 8 States are ERIC members. Colorado, a founding ERIC member, had 40 out of 64 counties exceeding 100%, one with 158%. Why do ERIC members have such dirty voter rolls (Part 2)?
  4. Top leadership positions in ERIC are always filled with left-leaning liberals. Some have worked for or been associated with Soros-funded groups. Why won’t ERIC install conservatives in the top positions? Let conservatives control the levers of power for once.
  5. Election jurisdictions have laws and rules that force transparency, access to data, audits, dual supervision, and so on. ERIC has virtually the same data, yet it provides no transparency at all. Why is ERIC so secretive? Their 3 page FAQ document was just created, about 2 weeks after TGP articles were first published.
  6. Why is my State outsourcing the cleaning of voter rolls to a 3rd party? Why can’t my State’s election department, with all their expertise, full-time employees, and dedicated IT staff, clean the voter rolls themselves?
  7. ERIC founders and its leadership has always been hard leftists. How do we know the database or election analytics aren’t being provided, in one way or another, to Democrat operatives?

It isn’t a secret that the original goal of ERIC is to fill state systems with new voter registration. Initially, it was called UVR; Colorado is a 10-year use of ERIC and a good example of how things have played out.

Every CO county now has more registered voters than residents eligible to vote.

Americans want ERIC members to concentrate on cleaning their voter rolls, not conducting voter registration drives.

In 2016, ERIC knew of 25.2 million eligible voters who weren’t registered.

ERIC secured the transfer of files to the FTP server. It’s their place for States to drop off and pick up files. The short technical document is generic and doesn’t mention the FTP process.

Executive Director Shane Hamlin stated, “raw data is never stored in a central location.”

All the voter and MVD data, USPS data, and Social Security records have to be analyzed to find deaths, moved voters, duplicates, etc. It is where technology partner Senzing steps in.

ERIC took IBM and Jeff Jonas to create their voter data matching system. Jonas founded Senzing in 2016, a spinoff from previous IBM G2 software. Sizing is a complex software system that uses algorithms and a relational database to analyze data.

They’ve analyzed many sectors of society, including maritime shipping lanes, money laundering, and casino-based card counting.

This doesn’t mean the data can’t be redirected to other databases.

These are a few questions for Senzing:

  1. Other than MVD and voter data, what other state data have they collected (felons, vital records, etc.)?
  2. Is any prediction-based election analytics or other election insight being derived from the ERIC data? Who does Senzing share this insight with?
  3. Who at Senzing can access the ERIC election database and those 350 million records?
  4. Are the claimed Senzing “Tamper Resistant Audit Logs” being used within the ERIC data center? If yes, can the logs be provided to concerned SOS members? If not in place, can these type logs be implemented immediately?
  5. Has any geospatial, social media, credit card, or other types of data or metadata been merged with the ERIC data?

People need transparency, especially for elections. But, the Secretary of State says they can’t release the ERIC maintenance list. Congress added the Public Disclosure Provision into the 1993 NVRA specifically, so list maintenance is being provided to the public.

‘’They, say they can’t release the lists because it would violate the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA). But they comingled it in the first place. They need to “unmingled” and remove MVD data and release the lists. Without visibility of voter list maintenance, ERIC could be targeting only Democrats for voter registration in those 31 States.’’ The Gateway Pundit reported.

The ERIC IRS 2020 filing explained that Directors are going to complete a Conflict of Interest disclosure form annually. They follow ERIC’s conflict of interest policy.

Why is ERIC so defensive to the reporting and questions?

Jordan Fuchs is a possible RINO/ Democrat. She is the Deputy Secretary of State in GA, the one of the 27 Democrats at ERIC. In 2021, the President of the US was recorded in a call with GA election investigator Frances Watson. ‘’ Fuchs immediately contacted the Washington Post and provided quotes from Trump that were manufactured out of thin air. After the story broke internationally, her SOS office said the audio recording was unavailable. Two months later, officials located the recording in a trash folder of Watson’s device. The Wall Street Journal‘s full transcript of the audio exonerated President Trump. The WashPost published retraction named Fuchs as their anonymous source that lied. So Fuchs lied about a sitting President to get him indicted or impeached. How did someone this unethical pass ERIC’s “Conflict of Interest” review? Why would she have a seat on the Board?’’ TGP added.

After a bipartisan organization fighting election fraud won’t let a President Commission on voter fraud to piss off.

That’s what ERIC’s Becker and Hamlin did.

They didn’t want to cooperate.

Trump launched the Advisory Commission on Election Integrity in 2017 to root over voter fraud. ERIC was in the perfect position to help.

Hamlin could have referred Kobach and the Commission to Senzing and helped them build out another voter scrubbing system. NBC News reported, “the Commission’s effort was especially galling to Hamlin.”

He was annoyed the 30 days old Commission didn’t have proper agreements, privacy practices, and security to his liking.

In a 2017 interview, Hamlin said, “There have been no major instances of any unauthorized disclosure of voter info since ERIC was founded.”



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