Pfizer’s Israeli Covenant Whistleblower: “It’s Time to burn Pfizer to the Ground”

The narrative is unfolding – but it’s not one bit kind to what the Big Pharma and the Big Media were presenting.

And now, the Israeli government and Pfizer agreed to delete data contradicting the COVID narrative.

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Melissa McAtee was a Pfizer employee who has now dedicated her time and knowledge to whistleblowing on corruption inside Big Pharma. On Monday, the Stew Peters Show welcomed McAtee to expose a contract between the Israeli government and Pfizer concerning trade relations and the Biblical significance of the exposé.

“Why are they the global trade laws within this covenant between Pfizer and Israel?” McAtee told Stew Peters. “And why in the world would they give Pfizer full approval to delete any data that didn’t seem ‘beneficial’ to public health?”

“Pfizer is the new world government, essentially!” Stew Peters responded to McAtee. “They knew exactly what they were doing when they released these injections. They know exactly what was planned for the release of these injections; they know that they are going to be held accountable by God, that’s why.”


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