Pfizer’s CEO Reveals What They’re Studying & Where The Data Really Came From

Wow! Did Albert Bourla really say what I think he just said?

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We shouldn’t have thought anything different from a previous veterinarian who has somehow ended up being the chairman and chief executive officer for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

“While other experts like Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough have devoted their lives to science, they find themselves de-platformed and censured for going against the COVID-19 agenda. As for Bourla, he continues to promote the drug as just a few days ago, he admitted the chances were high for the FDA to approve the COVID-19 jab for children under 5. And while the science has proven the drug to do little to stop the virus from being contracted or spread, Bourla also surprisingly added to be working with a virus that was developed in a lab,” Red Voice Media has reported.


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