Ottawa Police Clash With Freedom Protesters, And There Was A Massive Arrest! They Smashed Windows To Remove Protesters From The Vehicles! [WATCH]

The Truckers Convoy has been active for three weeks, the Ottawa police have mobilized its force to crackdown on the protesters. This Friday, the police set up a perimeter around the protesters’ zone and started with their massive arrests.

Parliament Hill was blocked, and many police and armored vehicles arrived on the scene.

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The number is bigger in the morning.

When the officers gathered, they started with the arrests, as the police clashed with the protesters. Dozens of protesters stood their ground and refused to budge as the line of officers continued to bear down on them.

The police started arresting people forcefully.

In the video below, you can see officers fighting protesters and kicking them on the ground.

Bystanders tried to intervene, but the officers blocked their action.

Later, the officers reached the convoy, where all of the vehicles were blockading the streets.

People didn’t want to leave their vehicles, and others got their windows smashed out as they were forcibly removed.

One man was removed once the officers broke three windows to get him outside of the vehicle.

Ottawa Police are keeping the journalists away from the crime scene and threatening them with prison!


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