Nurse And Vaccine Believer Developed Pericarditis After The Booster Shot! She Gets Mocked After Blaming Trump!

One registered nurse and a vaccine believer, Junaita Charter, went on social media and explained how her views about the vaccine had changed after being diagnosed with pericarditis last January 21.

Juanita got her booster vaccine of Pfizer mRNA shot last December 23, and she saw her cardiologist on January 21 due to the symptoms she developed. She was diagnosed with pericarditis.

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The cardiologist stated that this was because of the vaccine, and he has seen many cases like her. The doctor advised her not to take another booster shot.

This is her testimony:

I debated whether or not to mention this on FB, but after sharing my experience on Twitter and receiving over 14,700 responses, I decided I should say something.

Most of my friends know I’m a nurse. I currently work in clinical research, focusing on Gastroenterology. My background is in Neonatal Intensive Care and Oncology. I have been a hard advocate for people getting vaccinated. I had no ill effects (that I’m aware of) from the first two Pfizer vaccines I received in April and May of 2021…not even a sore arm. I’m pretty healthy and don’t fit in any “at risk” category that I’d heard of or read about.

Every doctor I know and trust encourages getting vaccinated, and I tend to trust their judgement. I also understand the urgency to get everyone vaccinated, as the longer the virus is around, the more opportunities it has to mutate. The idea of getting vaccinated made complete sense to me and I didn’t do any research on possible side effects.

I received a booster on 12/23/21. With this one, a couple hours later, My arm hurt so much I could barely move it, but that resolved after about 36 hours.

On 01/03/22, I started having shortness of breath, chest pain and a sustained, elevated HR (from 106-131 BPM).
There were three nights in a row I couldn’t sleep because my heart was pounding so hard; I could feel my pulse racing and felt almost “jittery” while also feeling extremely fatigued and “just not right”.

I saw my PCP and had several Covid tests (PCR and rapid tests) over a few days that were all negative. I have never had Covid.

My PCP then referred me to a cardiologist for a cardiac consult. When I saw the cardiologist, he thought it was very important to do an echocardiogram right away. The echocardiogram showed I have pericarditis.

My cardiologist told me he has seen several cases lately that he believes are related to the vaccine. He mentioned he has also seen recent cases of myocarditis he believes are vaccine related. He advised me against any boosters in the future.

Since learning this, I have been doing my own research and I have been enlightened by much of the information I am learning.

One doctor I spoke with attempted an analogy: “If everyone in an office got the vaccine, and one person got into a car wreck, would you say it was due to the vaccine?”

My response to that is, that is NOT an analogy.

Another doctor said, “They did not see an increased risk of pericarditis with the vaccination at all, just myocarditis. That does not mean 100% that it couldn’t be from the vaccine but statistically incredibly unlikely.”

REALLY??? All one has to do is to look at the package insert section “Full Prescribing Information Contents.” Next to section (5) “Warnings and precautions.” Item (5.2) Myocarditis and pericarditis.

I can’t say with certainty the vaccine caused my pericarditis, but from what I have learned in the past week, I also wouldn’t say it was “statistically incredibly unlikely” as every day I am learning about more cases (including among people I know personally).

I’m no expert and I’ve just started gathering data regarding this. I am also not opposed to vaccines. I just want to share my experience as I think it’s happening to others with a higher incidence than most of us have been made aware of. I think it’s worthy of further investigation.

On Twitter, she accused Trump of the vaccine’s side effects and misinformation on the government.

“I would like to remind those of you blaming adverse effects and misinformation on the government (along with legal immunity for Pfizer and Moderna) that it was the PREVIOUS administration who spearheaded this. TFG [the former guy] is the one who promised vaccines in record time and frequently bragged about it,” she said.

“Trump is not a Dr; he did not make the damn shot. So much for you not bringing politics into the discussion,” another user argued.

“I believe your anger is misdirected. This admin could have stopped it instead of blocking info & treatment. Rep & Dems are a uniparty keeping us divided. Be open to see @GVDBossche & Malone videos. Malone voted for Biden & is vaxxed with a vax injury. They have been warning us.”

Juanita still stated that the vaccine saved many countless lives. She stated that she understands if she isn’t allowed to go to certain places because she won’t get another booster shot, but that’s the best for humanity.


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