JUST-IN: Trained, Plainclothes Operatives Have Coordinated Break-In Through Capitol Window On J6! [WATCH]

American Gulag got brand new footage from Tommy Tatum showing a small group of unidentified people coordinated to break a window on J6. In the video, we can see a black-hooded man carrying an Asian woman, dressed in red, onto the window sill on the west side of the Capitol Building.

A person with military-issued glasses, a black mask and earmuffs, and a green military-style fleece cap checks this occurrence and is pointed out at the end of this video.

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Watch the video in slow motion.

The Asian woman motioned to someone and stomped her feet with the drumbeat. She acted inconspicuously and kicked her foot back more aggressively. She tried to break the window and failed.

Moments after, a person in the green cap, black eyeglasses, and black mask motions for a man in a black helmet with an asp to proceed forward, striking the window.

One man in a white Haines mask, camouflage ball cap, and sunglasses fix his gaze on the scene, speaking and motioning as well.

Then, the man with the asp looks directly at the person with eyeglasses green cap. She appears to instruct him as he pounds the window, lowering her hand.

People before this video said that ANTIFA members work alone or in small groups to break windows, but this breach is unique. This tactic is very common in military law enforcement.

Moreover, these people have specific training. Instead of taking selfies and texting family, the Asian woman fixes her attention on the crowd, filming as she was trying to identify faces. Also, their communication is very suspicious!

How does the woman in the green cap know the man with the asp?

There are many unanswered questions, and in the video below, you will see a woman using a walkie-talkie around the same time the woman with the green cap is coordinating.

Furthermore, we can see a man in his late forties wearing a twill Scottish golf hat. In this footage, he moves throughout the crowd while most protesters remain fixed in one position.

Here are more shots of everyone we could get a face for:

Why haven’t they been identified?

Watch this full video clip.


36 Seconds- 51 Seconds: Asian Lady Receives Signal and Kicks Window
1 Minute 28 Seconds – 1 Minute 32 Seconds: Woman with Walkie Talkie is visible
1 Minute 40 Seconds- End:   Signal by individual wearing military-issued glasses, a black mask, black earmuffs, and green military-style fleece cap to an individual with a black helmet, red mask, and asp to break a window.  Pay attention to a camo hat, white mask, and black sunglasses behind an individual breaking window.  



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