Jim Jordan: The Durham Expose Of Hillary Is Worse Than Everything We’ve Imagined

Joe Biden became “the most voted President” in American history, mostly because of pumped-up false allegations on President Trump’s Presidency.

All the alleged affairs he was blamed for have actually been framed on him…

He was trying to raise his voice but was censored.

But he waited patiently.

And here’s proof, more than a year after he was embarrassed in front of the entire world.

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Here’s more from the original report published by Red Voice Media.

“Although Trump has been de-platformed and censored for his stance, Hillary Clinton remains unscathed by the accusations made against her. And while they were once accused, thanks to a filing from the Special Counsel, John Durham stated former Clinton campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, paid a technology company to spy on Trump by hacking into the Trump Tower servers. This would go a step further when they tapped into the White House as well. According to the report, this was all done to find a connection between Trump and Russia.”

Watch further:

“That is what is so frightening here. You had the government working with the Clinton campaign to go after the Republican Party’s nominee for president, to spy on that campaign. We’ve never seen anything like that in history.”


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